Frequently Asked Questions

Please view our H4H Quick Setup Guide (.pdf) for help setting up an MDVR system.


1. How many video channels do the MDVRs have?

  • H4H = 4 Cameras
  • H4H-PRO = 4 Cameras
  • H8H-PRO = 8 Cameras


2. How many audio channels do the MDVRs have?

We always have as many audio channels as video channels. For example, the H4H has 4 video inputs and 4 audio inputs, but the H8H units have eight channels of each.


3. What type of video compression is used?

Our hardware uses H.264 video compression.


4. Do the MDVRs have GPS?

Yes, by default all of our MDVRs come with a built-in GPS module.


5. Do the MDVRs have an accelerometer (G-forces)?

With the exception of the H4H-Lite, all of our MDVRs come with a built-in and activated 3-Axis inertial sensor.


6. Can the MDVR multi-task?

Yes, our technology allows the MDVR to perform Recording, Live Viewing, Video Search and Playback, Remote View, and Administration and are able to perform most functions simultaneously.


7. Does the firmware allow for user access protection?

Yes. Our MDVR is protected with 3 available password levels: user, power user, and administrator.


8. Can we display advertisement in our MDVRs?

No, our MDVRs are not equipped with that function.


9. Can we access the MDVR remotely?

Yes, you can access the MDVR remotely via wired network, Wi-Fi, or cellular.


10. Does the MDVR allow IP cameras?

With the exception of the H4H-Lite, all of our MDVRs allow hybrid recording, which means that they can use Analog and IP cameras at the same time.


11. How do I set up my MDVR to be accessed with my laptop?

There are two ways to do this:

a) Connect your MDVR to your network and provide it an IP Address, then use MWM.

b) Connect the MDVR directly to your laptop using a crossover cable, then use MWM.


12. How can I download my recordings from the MDVR?

There are several ways to download your recordings to be analyzed in your PC:

a) Using a USB memory stick.

b) Using MWM over the LAN.

c) Directly from the removable HDD caddy.

d) Using the Auto Download Server for automatic downloading via Wi-Fi.


13. Can I control PTZ cameras with the MDVR?

Yes, our MDVR is able to control PTZ cameras on every video channel. It works with the most popular PTZ protocols.


14. Can I change settings remotely?

Yes, using MWM you can remotely change the MDVR’s settings on a MDVR. For fleet-wide configurations, we recommend that you use our premium “Fleet Witness” software.


15. Can the MDVR display the speed of the vehicle?

Yes, the MDVR can display vehicle speed when the MDVR has the GPS module installed or the speedometer is connected to its correspondent sensor on the pigtail. Speed readings can also be obtained via an OBDII connection.


16. Are the recordings protected in some way?

Yes, the files are watermarked and stored in a proprietary format that can be opened with our software to prove its authenticity.


17. Can we create small clips of a larger recording?

Yes, using MWM you can create smaller clips of your recordings in native file format or AVI format.


18. Can we export the data into MPEG/AVI format?

Yes, using MWM we can export the files to AVI format.


19. What is the power consumption of our MDVR?

The MDVR operates at 12V DC 5 Amp (with a range from 8V-36V DC). It draws about 1.2 Amps while in operation and can go up to 2 Amp with cameras and accessories.


20. What is the minimum and maximum storage capability?

Our units can record to HDD, SSD, or SD. The minimum storage is 4GB, while the maximum is 1TB.


21. Can we synchronize time with other devices?

Yes, the MDVR can synchronize its time once per day with its GPS or an NTP server.


22. Does the MDVR automatically recycle the HDD?

Yes, by default the MDVR will overwrite the HDD once it has a minimum of 2GB of empty space. Overwriting is a parameter that the user can configure on the firmware.


23. How does the MDVR protect the data from vibration?

The MDVR is designed with built-in shock absorbers in the HDD tray. SAY Security installs high-performance and reliable HDDs designed specifically for mobile environments.


24. Does the MDVR work with SSDs (Solid State Drives)?

Yes, our MDVR does work with most SSDs. The interface is SATA 2.5”.


25. How do I connect the MDVR to my server using a cellular network?

Our H4H MDVRs can be ordered with a built-in 3G modem. We also support a wide range of 4G modems through the USB port.


26. What is the quality and resolution for our MDVRs?

  • HD up to 2 Megapixels
  • High (D1) 720×480 NTSC and 704×576 PAL
  • Medium (HD1) 720×240 NTSC and 704×288 PAL
  • Standard (CIF) 360×240 NTSC and 352×288 PAL


27. Are the video channels independently configured?

Yes, they are independent.


28. Do you stream GPS or other metadata together with the video? Do you use a separate file format?

Our platform streams video and GPS along with other metadata information, all in the same file.


29. How many amps can we get from the VDC output on the MDVR?

The MDVR will output 12VDC @200mA on the Output Sensor.


30. What kind of information can I find in an AVI file?

The resultant AVI file will have Video + Audio only.


31. Do your MDVRs support CANBUS/OBDII?

Yes, SAY Security provides a hardware interface to interact with OBDII/CANBUS.