Mobile Witness Software

Mobile Witness Manager™ (MWM) is our web-based software interface that brings together all of your vehicle and driver information. MWM has been designed with the user in mind, so nothing is static; the software is 100% customizable to provide both flexibility and power. MWM offers:

  • Live remote view
  • Playback of video, audio, map, and associated metadata such as speed, location, and routing data
  • Real-time maps
  • DVD burning and authoring
  • OBDII/CANBUS monitor integration
  • Microsoft Active Directory® Integration
MWM incorporates:

  • MobileLink™, the next-generation Fleet Management solution that allows you to see real-time locations of all of your fleet vehicles with live streaming video and audio directly to your computer and real-time GPS tracking. With the ability to monitor 1000s of vehicles from a single interface, MobileLink also offers geofence and reverse geocoding options and email/SMS event notifications.
  • Auto Download Server™, with automatic download of data via WiFi or wired connection as soon as a vehicle arrives at its host location and connects to the access point, eliminating the need to download individual events and video clips manually. ADS features customizable downloading (All, Event, or Timed recordings), First-In, First-Out video management, scheduled priority downloading for more efficient use of bandwidth, and up to 10 simultaneous download connections (bandwidth-upgradable).
  • Fleet Witness™, where the user can monitor the health status of each Mobile Control Unit and Auto Download Server in a fleet. Fleet Witness offers remote health monitoring for equipment and vehicles, remote firmware and configuration updates, maintenance logs, inventory control and vehicle search, and instant emails or SMS messages when issues are detected so that they can be fixed before problems occur. Fleet Witness is hosted by SAY Security, so there is no software to install and no server to maintain.