About Us

History of Mobile Witness

Located in Northwest Ohio, Mobile Witness, a division of SAY Security Group USA LLC, engineers and distributes advanced Digital Video Recording and Surveillance Equipment for OEMs, dealers, and distributors around the globe. Mobile Witness is an extension of an international company with offices in China, Australia, and Hong Kong. The USA operation was launched in 2002 in response to customer requests for in-country support and product distribution. Outsourcing to several manufacturing facilities overseas has allowed Mobile Witness USA engineers to focus on creating the software found in every product. Our engineers complete the final process with ample time to custom-build each machine. This combined effort allows us to provide premier digital technology through the final product. Mobile Witness only distributes products it can directly control via source code or some form of SDK. This maintains Mobile Witness’s commitment to support every one of our products fully.



More than half of Mobile Witness sales are a result of OEM agreements with other security industry manufacturers. Since the formation of the USA office, the company’s relationships with OEMs have spawned tremendous growth. Aside from excellent technical capabilities, our true strength rests in outstanding customer service. Our ability to adjust to the needs of OEM customers and provide them with crucial support gives our service plan great rapport. A personal liaison manages each OEM customer account to assure that all requirements are met.

Distributor dealings have also contributed to the success of Mobile Witness. Some products have been introduced to distribution for maximum market coverage. Other product series flow through an independent representative network. These integrator products target larger dealers who must have integration with 3rd party access control and POS systems. The integration process often requires on-site help from Mobile Witness representatives. Our skilled, knowledgeable representatives can be found in all 50 US States, the District of Columbia, and Canada. As company policy, Mobile Witness will not sell direct to end users. This promise is made to affirm the commitment that Mobile Witness has to its resellers.



Extraordinary customer support is our number one priority at Mobile Witness. We know the equipment we sell to our customers must be dependable and top of the line. Along with excellent products comes our excellent support team, providing assistance every step of the way.

Our customers trust our equipment. Our customers trust us. This is where Mobile Witness shines.



Research shows that the global mobile DVR and surveillance market had an estimated worth of over $580 Million in 2012, and it is estimated that this will exceed $800 Million by 2017. The US share of this market is forecast to be well over 50%. We are riding the wave of change with our products and are excited to see just where this wave will take us. Our growing customer base is expanding and diversifying as the technology found in our products improves and evolves. We strive to continue our tradition of providing excellent support and equipment as we face the challenge of keeping our communities and the world secure.