HelpMe Emergency Communicator

Cellular Transmitter with GPS tracking

The HelpMe™ Emergency Communicator provides constant security and peace of mind for family services workers, nurses, childcare personnel, lone/outdoor workers, children and the elderly, and others who benefit from knowing that they can always call for help in a troublesome situation.

The HelpMe Emergency Communicator is a wearable, lightweight device equipped with a one-touch panic button that works in conjunction with our MobileLink™ cloud service* to contact help, locate the wearer, and activate audible and visual alarms to notify designated personnel.

HelpMe Emergency Communicator photos
elderly person walking

When the panic button is pushed, MobileLink can determine the location of the wearer using the built-in GPS module. MobileLink automates the alert process, displaying an ALERT message that indicates which device is sending the alert message and where the device is located. MobileLink also plays an audio alert to call attention to the problem and sends an email to any person responsible for helping the device wearer, ensuring that no call for help is missed.

The HelpMe Emergency Communicator is compact and durable. It features a rechargeable battery that enables self-sustained operation for approximately 36 hours of working time at 15 minute reporting intervals. It also features an IP56-rated housing for continued performance in tough situations.


  • High performance GPS system with high sensitivity internal GPS antenna
  • Maximum battery life on a single charge: approximately 36 hours of working time at 15 minute reporting intervals
  • Clear LED indicators for GPS, CDMA, and power/charging
  • Small size (70x41x28mm) and weight (85g)
  • One press on big button to send emergency alert
  • Geofencing using MobileLink*
  • SMS capabilities
tracking map

*MobileLink is a recommended but optional paid subscription service.

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